The Best Packers and Movers Service in Town

With a moving companies Glendale AZ services available in the market, it is often confusing to choose the best one for your relocation needs. Relocation is a hassle by itself and if your packer and mover is inefficient, it will result in an endless headache.

The most expensive ones are not necessarily the best and neither are the ones that offer their services at dirt cheap prices. The ideal packers and movers services are the ones that offer reliable and trustworthy services at reasonable prices. Here are five different ways to select the best movers and packers in your town.

Don’t get lured by cheap prices

During the relocation process, cheapest possible offers will lure you. But you must avoid such offers. The reason why some movers and packers services appear cheap is because they do not have insurance and there are hidden costs involved. Instead of the price, focus on the quality of their services and try to find out if the services match your relocation needs.

Consult your social circle

While relocating, nothing comes as handy as consulting your social circle or finding out from your friends, family and neighbors about the best packers and movers services at reasonable price. You’d

4 benefits of studying online

E-learning is a reasonably new initiative that has gained momentum in recent years. Studying from your own home used to involve reading mass quantities of information and trying your best to memorize it. This is a reasonably ineffective method of learning, where only those with impressive memories can succeed in this environment.

Even for the most gifted, reading masses of writing doesn’t always focus your knowledge on the areas you need to learn in order to achieve well on exams, and in everyday life. This made it incredibly difficult to engage in online learning due to its relatively primitive nature.

In recent times though, technology has advanced well beyond this stage, where there are numerous online resources to enhance your skills and personal development. If you decide to study at a Virtual University for example, of which plenty have arisen since the popularity of studying online has increased, there will be recorded lectures for you to watch at your own leisure. These can be played as many times as you like, creating a level of security and ease of learning that allows you to be as thorough as you need to be, with regards to specific aspects of your degree.

There are also

How to Home Stage a Master Bedroom

download (99)Staging your home correctly is one of the most important factors in helping a person decide whether they wish to purchase the property or not. Common mistakes include making the home to personal, which in turn means that the viewer finds it difficult to imagine themselves in the property, or simply allowing things to be a little bit messy.

The master bedroom is perhaps one of the most important rooms when it comes to staging. After all, anybody who is interested in the house will place special focus on the room as it is where they will be spending their nights. Ensuring it looks comfortable and inviting is crucial when it comes to convincing the viewer that the room allows for a good night’s sleep.

So what can you do to properly stage the master bedroom? Here are a few tips:

Remove Personal Decoration

To ensure the viewer can personalise the room in their head it is important to remove anything that intrinsically links the room to the seller. Keep the obvious items, such as the bed, wardrobes and dressers. Try to add a good mirror if

What Is the Average Salary For a Home Stager

download (97)You’ve probably seen pictures of staged homes in real estate and weekend newspaper house and garden sections. The rooms look perfect, welcoming, and emotionally neutral.

Creative staging with a few pieces of furniture and decorations can help prospective buyers envision a property as their home, filled with their belongings.

What is Home Staging?

Home stagers are individuals who prepare a residence for sale or rent by making it appear attractive and appealing to prospective buyers.

Staging may be a simple process of rearranging a few pieces of furniture to maximize space and improve the flow of traffic from room to room. Or, it may be complicated, requiring many steps to make a property more presentable and sell- or rentable.

Do you have that instinct for decorating and placing things just so? Perhaps you should put your decorating instinct and talents to work as a home stager.

Educating the Home Stager

There is no mandatory licensing or formal education requirements to become a home stager. However, many professional stagers (and some real estate agents) have taken courses, completed certificate programs and/or interior design degrees to learn the fundamentals of interior design,

Staging Homes For Sale Adds Appeal For Buyers

download (96)At any given time, the sheer number of homes for sale in a particular area can overwhelm buyers. Staging, or the act of making property visually appealing to potential buyers, can draw attention to your house over others. Since not all sellers are aware of the psychological impact staging has on buyers, your house will stand out in an overcrowded market.

Staging Occupied Properties

If you still reside on the property and your furniture remains in the house, it is a good idea to depersonalize each room. Since most people have too many possessions in their house, staging occupied homes for sale is more about minimizing clutter and neutralizing personal taste.

Books or artwork that may upset a segment of the population, such as religious or political paraphernalia, should be removed. Personal photographs should be stored away. You may even need to paint the walls beige, taupe, or off-white to ensure that your property appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.

Staging Unoccupied Properties

Four walls, a floor, and a ceiling usually do not attract buyers on their own. First of all, the property’s flaws are much

How to Add Value and Sell Your Home Faster

download (98)Are you planning to sell your house in the near future? Hoping to get the best deal for your property? There’s a lot you can do to add value to your house and sell it faster. Here are some tips that’ll come in handy as you prepare your house for home staging and showings. Keep in mind that the key to the buyer’s heart lies in connecting with all his/her five senses. Here’s what you can do to achieve this objective.


Clutter never makes an appealing sight! It makes the space look smaller, cramped, suffocating and unpleasant in every possible way. Make sure you get rid of unnecessary objects in the house before you move ahead with home staging. Give them away or store them behind locked doors and out of sight. You need to give the right impression about what it feels like to be living at your house. Organise things neatly and appropriately. It helps the buyers connect with the lifestyle they are most likely to have if they choose to purchase your property.

Freshen Up the Walls

Home staging is the perfect time

Home Staging Ideas For When You’re On A Shoestring Budget

download (94)Home staging is the process of dressing-up your house before you present it to potential buyers. It is an important step in the selling process since the prospective buyer is greatly influenced by how the apartment is showcased. The basic idea behind home staging is to present an alluring snapshot of the apartment, which makes the buyer want to buy the place. Private home stagers are usually too expensive for most people, so here are some ideas to help you to show off your home on a budget.

Remove Personal Artifacts

The first thing to do in the home staging process is to remove all personal photographs like that of your family and pets. All personal touches that might remind the buyer that the place belongs to someone else, should be removed. This helps the buyer to imagine the house as his own.

Clean Intensively

A dirty apartment will drive away buyers quickly, so make sure that your house is properly scrubbed before the visit. Throw away useless things and garbage bags that clutter your house. Clean the house efficiently, so that it appears attractive and desirable.

Home Staging – What Does Your Wall Color Say

download (93)Have you ever considered how much color is in our language? “… through rose-colored glasses.” “… in a blue mood,” “green with envy.” Color influences our language and our emotions, particularly the colors in our personal living spaces.

Color (including the wall colors of our homes) affects our mood in many ways. And when you are preparing your home for sale, the color choices you make may very directly influence the slow or quick sale of your home.

Painting your home for sale

One of the more important steps to making your home sellable is to give it a coat of fresh paint. In fact, fresh interior paint is one of your primary staging tools.

Fresh paint serves several purposes:

  • Paint can update an outdated color scheme.
  • Cover up old scars and discolorations.
  • Neutralize odors from cooking, tobacco smoke, and candles that have been absorbed into the walls.

Setting the stage with color

There is a psychology to color. It has long been known that orange and yellow are food-related; gray, the color choice for many office interiors, is thought to promote focus and productivity. Earth tones (shades of brown, green, some

How to Stage the Outside of a Home

download (92)Presenting a good home involves much more than simply tidying up the rooms inside. Ensuring the outside is up to scratch is also extremely important. After all, if a potential buyer doesn’t like what they see when they arrive they will get a poor impression of the property before ever setting foot in it.

Because of this it is crucial that you stage the outside of the home in a similar manner to how you stage the inside. Presentation is key so let’s look at a few things you can do to make sure that first impression counts.

Take Care of the Front Lawn

If the home has a front lawn it needs to be taken care of. This means regularly cutting the grass to make sure it isn’t overgrown and getting rid of any weeds or other undesirable plants that make the lawn look less presentable. In worst case scenarios you may even need to reseed the lawn if there are patches of missing grass. Remember that for many buyers a front lawn is a big selling point and provide added potential for the property,

5 Biggest Home Staging Mistakes That Cost You the Sale

download (95)Are you putting your house on the market? As I’m sure you’re aware, first impressions are vitally important to prospective buyers.

From the moment people walk in, they start making a decision about your home and what it would look like if they lived there.

So how can you make your home an inviting space that buyers love? The answer is home staging.

There is a big difference between a staged home and one that is on the market that hasn’t been staged.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when trying to sell a home without the benefits of staging.

Cluttered Space

Clutter gives the buyer a feeling that there is not enough storage space in the home. So it’s really important to put away unneeded items while you are showing your home.

Everything from countertops and tables to bedrooms and even the garage needs to be cleared away of clutter and unused items.

Dirt and Grime

No one wants to move into a dirty, poorly maintained home. Taking the time to make every surface sparkle is critical. Bathrooms should be spotless, free of mold, mildew and stains.


How To Professionally Prepare Your House For Sale

images (24)What can you do to prepare your house for sale? Plenty – and it starts from the outside. Here are some tips to help spruce up your property and optimize its curb appeal.

Start With The Lawn

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. This may be true, but that rule can and should be overlooked when trying to sell your home. You can change the cover easily by first cutting the grass and then working from there. Tighten up your bushes with a trim, get rid of all yard clutter, and add fresh mulch to flowerbeds. If you don’t mind spending the extra cash on hiring a landscaper, do it. A job costing you a few hundred bucks could actually add a few thousand dollars to your property’s value because of the “curb appeal” phenomenon. The idea is this: if the outside looks good, the inside must look fantastic.

Walkways and Fencing

You can make your walkways look really sharp with a lawn trimmer. The technique is simple: flip the blade sideways to carefully trim the edging, crafting a tighter, more professional appearance.

Staging a Vacant Home For Sale

download (91)Staging is an important aspect of any home sale and many sellers will find that the experts asking them to rearrange their furniture in an effort to make better use of the space afforded to them in each room, or to ensure they get the most out of the lighting.

However, if you are selling a vacant property these tools are not going to be available to you. With no pre-existing furniture to arrange, you are going to have a much harder time of staging the home, which has the potential to negatively affect any buyers who happen to visit.

It’s not impossible though, and there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that you are getting the most out of the property. Here we take a look at a couple of things you can do to stage a vacant house.

Make A Video

If the house is going to be vacant because you are moving out before you are able to sell it, then you are in a better position than most as you can make a video of the property

Choosing Paint Colors to Stage Your Home for Sale

download (89)Staging your home can often be one of the most difficult things that you have to do when you are trying to make a sale. After all, it not only involves rearranging some of your rooms so that they offer a viewer something that appears more attractive, often losing the comfort as a result, but it also means that you are going to have to spend a little bit of time working on the house to make sure that it is up to scratch.

One of the best ways to do this is by giving the property a fresh lick of paint. This allows you to cover up any cracked or chipped paintwork, while also making the house look fresher and more vibrant when a viewer approaches it. Here we will take a look at how to choose the right paint colours for staging your home.

Keep The Rest Of The Neighbourhood in Mind

What do you think a potential buyer is going to think if they pull up outside your property, after driving past a row of green and browns, only to see that your

Is Virtual Staging for You?

download (88)A property is an asset that most people would like to stick to and make memories in. A home is a place that signifies and represents that dreams and the aspirations of its owners, however there maybe circumstances when the asset needs to be sold and it serves as an opportunity to earn from the home. As much as one may like the home in any condition that it may be in, it becomes important to showcase only the most presentable and beautiful face of the home so that it may be able to find good buyers in the property market. People may wonder whether it may be viable to spend on the beautifying process of the home and increase expenses. One may not have the kind of capital that is needed in the re-decoration of the home but it may be the most important factor in getting a good price for the property.

This is when the virtual staging services step in. While one may not opt for an actual designing of the home, it is possible to make the home look

7 Tips On How To Stage Your House For Sale

download (87)If you didn’t know, love at first site exists in real estate. The way you stage your house determines how fast it gets off of the shelf. If you are a real estate investor or a home owner interested in selling your house, here are awesome tips on how to stage your house for a fast sale:

Make the home spotless

This is a no brainer. Who is going to buy a dirty house? To create a great first impression you need to ensure that your home is clean. This calls for you to clean windows, floor, counters, ceiling and other fixtures. If the house is too big, chances are that you can’t clean it on your own. The safe way of going about it is hiring a cleaning company to help you out.

Maintain the yard

There is nothing that screams “bargain” like an unkempt yard. You should cut down the glass and trim the flowers. You should also update the yard furniture.

Get rid of clutter

It’s easy to hold onto personal effects such as pictures. Remember that the homebuyer isn’t interested on your personal likes thus

How to Stage a House – 5 Reasons Why Every Room Needs a Clear Purpose

download (90)Every space in a home needs to be considered with “buyer’s eyes” when staging a house for sale. It is critically important to make sure every room in your house has one clear purpose. Defining how to use a room is so incredibly important for buyers because it helps them connect to a home. Here are the top 5 reasons every room needs a clear purpose:

1. Buyers subconsciously feel lost if they don’t know what to do with a room.

On a subconscious level no one wants to feel lost. They will wander in and out of a room very quickly if they cannot easily tell what the room should be used for. The house will not feel comfortable – the house will not feel like home.

2. Buyers do not know how to place furniture in a room they cannot define a use for

When buyers walk into a room they feel comfortable in they will start to picture their things where your things are now. This is great – so you have to make sure you get it right. If the room doesn’t have

12 Lessons to Learn

download (86)It’s not about YOU!

As a professional home stager, education is a part of my job description. I explain to sellers what and why they need to do or not do to sell their house quickly for top dollar. And as with every learning experience, there are fast learners, slow learners and some who (choose) not to learn at all. This post addresses some of the issues that sellers have to understand when selling their home.

The most important and #1 lesson that has to be learned: It’s NOT about you anymore! It’s about your potential buyers. What do buyers want today? If you can figure that out and implement it, your chances of selling your house will skyrocket.

#2 lesson: Staging is MUCH more than moving some furniture around and adding pretty accessories. Staging involves advice on updates, repairs, curb appeal, paint colors. Stagers also address traffic flow, hang appropriate art in correct size and height, create focal points, repurpose/remove furniture and accessories, add suitable furniture and accessories, hang window coverings when appropriate, address lighting issues and much more.

#3 lesson: Most buyers can’t see beyond

How To Organize Your Home For Rent?

images (23)Home seekers have a limited budget to work with. In a bad economy, the situation is hard on everyone. Paying a hefty brokerage is just another added burden. In such a case scenario, you have to bend & make your home appealing for a potential client. The harmony of the place should attract them on its own.

Begin the process by looking at your home from the home seeker perspective. Ask yourself the most important question, “Would I rent this place if I came here to live?” If your mind says no then look at the weak points of your property.

Ask yourself these questions –

  • What’s missing?
  • What can you add?
  • How can you minimize maintenance?
  • Is the power backup working?
  • Do you have parking?
  • Does the furniture needs polishing?
  • Any pest issues?
  • Are the toilets clean?
  • Is the kitchen cooking ready?
  • Is the gas line intact?
  • Can you add air conditioning?
  • Is the place child friendly?
  • Will you allow pets?
  • Are you ready to decorate more?

The more features you add to the mix, the more you can charge from your potential customers. You have to read what your client wants before they arrive. It all depends on

What to Do With Your Pet When Selling Your Home? Tips for a Successful and Profitable Sale!

download (84)There is a saying; “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” Many people can be particularly resistant to this when it comes to their pets.

Although you may be a pet lover who adores your furry critters; there are many people who do not feel the same. This being the case you have a choice regarding how fast you will sell your home and how much you will get for it; depending upon your willingness to adjust your thoughts and adapt your home during the marketing process to make it desirable to not only like-minded individuals but to all potential buyers.

You can take offense with those who are not particularly fond of household pets and stubbornly choose to do nothing or you can do a few simple things to assure your home shows as if no pet ever lived there; enticing all to want to purchase it.

In today’s market it is quite popular to advertise a home as pet and smoke free; as has been the case with pre-owned vehicles for many years. There are many reasons for

Principles to Observe for a Good Home Staging Practice

download (83)Seeing your home at its finest is one of the best things to look forward to after work. Studies have shown that a clean environment induces productivity. While many of us prefer to hire a home staging service, others want to decorate their own homes at their own pace with their own style – especially those who have a knack for colors and embellishments. The rest of us just learn the skill through constant enhancement of our homes.

Many of us do not have the artsy gene, but there are some techniques that we can go by to mix and match colors and styles. These principles are very easy to live with, making it convenient for you to welcome your friends and loved ones with happiness, comfort, and pride.

1. If we have the rule of thirds for photography, we also have the rule of odd numbers on home staging that produces harmony and visual interest for your visitors. Things that are arranged even with their differences in shapes, heights, and textures also help. This may seem a little weird, but the key here is