Home Staging – What Does Your Wall Color Say

download (93)Have you ever considered how much color is in our language? “… through rose-colored glasses.” “… in a blue mood,” “green with envy.” Color influences our language and our emotions, particularly the colors in our personal living spaces.

Color (including the wall colors of our homes) affects our mood in many ways. And when you are preparing your home for sale, the color choices you make may very directly influence the slow or quick sale of your home.

Painting your home for sale

One of the more important steps to making your home sellable is to give it a coat of fresh paint. In fact, fresh interior paint is one of your primary staging tools.

Fresh paint serves several purposes:

  • Paint can update an outdated color scheme.
  • Cover up old scars and discolorations.
  • Neutralize odors from cooking, tobacco smoke, and candles that have been absorbed into the walls.

Setting the stage with color

There is a psychology to color. It has long been known that orange and yellow are food-related; gray, the color choice for many office interiors, is thought to promote focus and productivity. Earth tones (shades of brown, green, some reds, and tans) are considered warm and inviting. But when it comes to staging your home with color, what color (or colors) do you choose?

Many staging and color specialists recommend staying in a neutral color range for home staging and that neutral range can include the lighter ranges of browns, tans, greens, and blues as well as grays.

“White walls EVERYWHERE!” used to be the prep-your-home-for-sale mantra. But an all-white interior can work against the quick sale of your home. White is, indeed, one of the quintessential neutral colors but it also is a bright color. That brightness can work against effective staging so another option is to select among the softer shades of white.

Other factors influencing color choice are the design and position of your home and how natural light does (or doesn’t) flow through the home. Color can seem to cool a room down or give it a warmer, cozier feel.

Stagers often recommend limiting bold colors to accent areas and work with neutral tones throughout the rest of the house. This accomplishes several purposes:

  • Neutral colors provide the emotional blank canvas onto which buyers can project their own styles. They allow the prospective buyer to more readily envision his or her belongings in your house.
  • Neutral colors are also “tolerable” in that freshly painted walls may be acceptable for first moving in and then changed later, when the new home owner is ready to make a more personal color statement.
  • Neutral colors, especially cream colors, make a home look very appealing in online photographs (where most buyers first look when searching for their new home.

Remove yourself from the picture

As much as possible, try to remove your emotions from the color choices you make for staging your house. You are already moving on. It’s time to go into emotional neutral and try to think as a buyer, not as the seller.

Consider entrusting the staging of your home to a staging specialist. He or she can guide you in the color choices that will help transform your home into the most desirable home for sale in your neighborhood.